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Experience and Personal Attention

Experienced lawyers in claims or disputes with financial services providers and professional advisors

We’re a team of experienced dispute resolution lawyers that work tirelessly to keep the banks, insurance companies and other financial services licence holders and professional advisors accountable.

We believe if someone is making profit from your hard earned money then they should honour their legal obligations to you and not be allowed to get away with breaching your rights.

People don’t set out on getting embroiled in a dispute. If this happens it can affect all facets of your life. We aim to assist you navigating through your claim or dispute to find the most cost efficient resolution and to keep stress and frustration to a minimum.

We'll Fight for your Rights

You’ll find us down to earth, contactable, supportive, responsive and straight shooting. Our team has experience and have acted to protect our clients’ rights in all facets of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms and various claims and dispute mechanisms, tribunals, Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), Credit and Investment Ombudsman Service (CIO), Local Courts, District Courts, Supreme Courts and Federal Courts.

We know how banks, insurance companies, mortgage brokers, financial planners, stock brokers, accountants and solicitors think; we have acted for them for many years, and as such are familiar with their strategies. This gives us an advantage in protecting your rights if you have been let down by certain members of the financial services and professional services industries.

Capped Solicitors Fees

Know your solicitor fees upfront

We provide Capped Solicitor Fees. This means that if an agreement is reached between us up front, you will know the maximum of your solicitor fees from the outset, this alleviates any concerns about the cost of solicitors if a claim or dispute is long and drawn out.
It goes a long way to removing any surprises with solicitor fees.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible commercial outcome for our clients

No two claims or disputes are the same

We carefully consider the facts and circumstances giving rise to the dispute. We get to familiarise ourselves with the parties involved.

With your instructions, we execute a dispute resolution strategy to assist you achieve the best possible commercial result you are entitled to. The result may include compelling a bank or insurance company to reconsider its position or have them pay you a sum of money that is appropriate in the circumstances.

We aim to provide you with the best possible pathway to minimise your commercial and legal risks and achieve the best outcome for you in the circumstances so that you can get on with your life.

Please make contact with us for a conversation about your financial services claim or dispute.

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We Stay Present

We pride ourselves on our work ethic and attention to detail.
We are approachable, contactable and committed to an end result. We strive to resolve your case as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.

We will not brush you off to a junior lawyer. You will be free to contact the boss direct at any time in respect to your matter.

We know how banks, insurers and professional advisors think… we’ve acted for them too

We understand the financial services and professional advisor industries well, their strategies and how they do business. We know this because our senior lawyers at our firm have acted for them in the past. We find that before coming to us, clients have experienced bullied and pushed around by these big wigs.

In our experience, our involvement goes some way to restoring the balance of power in these types of disputes and claims.

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